blake guitar.jpg

Blake is basically a musical prodigy and is responsible for any recording/producing/arranging of Rebel Union. He plays pretty much any instrument you could dream up. Except for a kazoo. He is way too much of a snob for a kazoo.

He is originally from Thorntown, Indiana. We have no idea where that is either. 

If something needs fixing or building, Blake is your guy. He literally built a computer, a guitar, and even a catio for his kitties Gibson and Howie from scratch (headshots available upon request). He even taught himself how to build guitar pedals so well that he started his own company, Nashville Pedal Company. We taught him the best way to eat a cupcake. When you think about it, it's really the same thing.

He also recently got into the art of at-home beer brewing, and the rest of Rebel Union has been reaping the benefits. It also now gives us something really cool to talk about in interviews—yet another win for our love-able nerd who can never sit still (his words, not mine). The only downside is that we have to just smile, nod, and act like we know what he’s talking about when he rambles on about fermentation, aromas, malts, etc. etc. Just pour me the Lawnmower Ale and float that keg!

Blake also knows an ungodly amount of Star Wars trivia. Be forewarned: Going to the movies with Blake is an adventure in itself. Let's just say, he pretends to be a Roman Emperor and the poor previews are his subjects about to be thrown to the lions. It's a dog-eat-dog world out there, folks. No preview is safe.

Oh, and he is the undisputed Mario Kart Champ 2017. He told me to include this. Use that information as you like.