Suzanne is at her best when she is writing killer lyrics and melodies. She is also at her best when she is laying in bed with her two cats and a bowl of guacamole. 

She's also an amazing listener and truly empathizes with others. She's kind of like your own personal Oprah. Just don't jump on her couch, bro. WERE YOU RAISED IN A BARN?

Speaking of barns, Suzanne grew up in rural Iowa and Illinois, but contrary to popular belief she did NOT spend her childhood milking cows and shucking corn. 

In fact, she developed her love of music scooping ice cream at Cold Stone and singing for tips. Technically, we all still sing for tips so I guess not much has changed on that front, except for now she gets to do it with her best friends and with a bio that she loves. (and that comes carpal tunnel and calorie-free, yall.)

She is a true optimist and sees the best in people. She also sees poor fashion choices a mile away thanks to her experience as a stylist for Anthropologie. And no, she can't get you a discount cause they're strict about that, yo! And our Suz is a rule follower. Except for when it comes to Mario Kart.

Her house looks like it jumped out of a West Elm magazine, and she is always lighting up those good-smelling candles if you catch my drift which you should because I am being literal.

Suzanne is also a vegetarian cause she is a better person than you. Admittedly, this sometimes makes late-night drunken eating a difficult task, but she still finds a way to do it. All while having a serious, philosophical heart-to-heart with you.

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